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An IT Contractor's Career-Limiting Mistake

How to Destroy Your Personal Brand and Future Opportunities in 3 Minutes

Hour Glass

Any recruiter who has been in the business for any length of time will have stories to tell about the strange and sometimes bizarre things that job applicants do. We obviously have had countless encounters over our 18 years at Eagle, but here’s one great example from last year.

A recruiter posts a new role on LinkedIn (amongst other places) and receives a number of applicants, some look to be worth talking to and some clearly not.  Our special applicant was in the clearly not camp, and the recruiter sends a polite note back to inform him that she doesn’t think he is a good fit for the role.  Here is the rather quick reply that she received:

“Kindly re read my résumé not for my candidacy towards the role, BUT instead for not doing your job accordingly, as I have the exact specifics and beyond requirements for your tiny role lmfao bahaha ok take care have a good day and get a lesson on human resources you either suffer from ADD or PTS disorder as my résumé is in clear plain English.”

The upside for us is that this person inadvertently conducted their own reference check and effectively screened themselves out of any role we might ever consider for them.   We would hesitate to put them in front of any of our clients.  The down side for them is that this now forms a part of their brand and they become a model of poor behaviour!

So a few thoughts on applying for jobs:

  1. Think about the consequences of your actions. Poor behaviour and inappropriate language will not help you, ever. When a recruiter emails you to let you know you’re not a fit for a contract, continue to communicate and build a relationship with them.  That way they’ll call you when an opportunity that suits you does arrive.

  2. If you are writing to a recruiter or a client, then it is always advisable to use good grammar and punctuation.  This person not only demonstrated poor judgment and a bad temper they also demonstrated an inability to string together a coherent sentence .

  3. When you a burn a bridge in the business world there is no knowing when it is going to come back to hurt you.

The contracting world is smaller than you may think. You never know what the consequences will be from your poor judgment, so think about your actions BEFORE you do something you regret!  Do you have any stories of somebody who ruined an opportunity with poor judgment?  Have you made the mistake yourself?