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Don't Underestimate the Value of an Interview

It’s the little things that really make a difference!  In a world that is moving a million miles a minute, it is hard to remember that you actually need to set time aside to invest in yourself, ESPECIALLY before going on a job interview.

These days, contractors are being approached from all directions — Recruiters, Colleagues, Job Boards, etc. — about potential new opportunities.  While some contractors are aggressively looking for a new job and others are passively contemplating it, the reality is, once you decide to send out your resume, you have the potential to be called in for an interview.

Business interview.

So, what do we often see happening with contractors? With their busy schedules and commitments, they sometimes do not spend enough time prepping for the job interview.  Instead, it gets treated as a lower priority task in their fast-paced life.

The truth is, clients can smell this a mile away and will see it as an immediate turn-off.  Why would they want to hire a contractor who doesn’t seem to take the project seriously or have the courtesy to prepare for a meeting?

Next time you get called for an interview, ensure you take at least a few extra minutes to prepare and show the client you appreciate their time.  Ask yourself: have you done your research on the Company?  Even if it’s a large Fortune 100 Company that is known within the Industry, have you researched the department? The hiring manager? Other relevant information available to you?

This is not extensive research and does not require an exuberant amount of time. These little things, though, will make you stand out in front of your client.

Have you ever “winged” an interview with little research?  How well did it go compared to the interviews where you’ve prepared?