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10 Basic Work Rules You Already Know

If you speak with almost any manager, whether they’re managing contractors or full-time employees, they’ll be able to tell you countless stories of conflict in the workplace dealing with interpersonal issues and personality clashes. The fact is, these situations could be avoided if everybody just followed the most basic rules of being in the workforce.

Here are 10 basic rules every contractor should remember when at a client site. As simple as they are, many people (not you, obviously) seem to ignore them and end up being the cause of conflict in the office. As you read through this list, see how many people you can think of who could use a refresher.

Teacher teaching basic rules of the workplace

  1. Build balance in your life. Work should not be your life, yet it should be an important part of your life. Give each part its due and always give your client 100%.

  2. The people working around you did not choose to be your spouse, your partner or even your friend. When at work be a professional “work colleague”.

  3. If you have issues in your private life, then you should deal with them during your own time and not bring them onto your client site.

  4. Your lifestyle requirements should be formed based upon your income, not the other way around. If you demand more money from a client, it should be because you’re worth it, not because you want to go on vacation.

  5. Your client, their employees, and your colleagues are at work to focus on work so they appreciate everyone else who takes that same approach. (Don’t be a distraction)

  6. Take the emotion out of your dealings with colleagues. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not, you all have a job to do.

  7. Make decisions based on facts, business realities, best practices etc.

  8. Communicate professionally with all around you.

  9. Always treat the other person the way you would like to be treated in the workplace.

  10. Get thick skin.

These rules are common sense but we’ve all worked with people who never got the memo. For that reason, there’s a button at the top of this post that will let you to email these rules or share them on a social media profile (not that we’re trying to start conflict, we simply want to help you improve your work environment).