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5 Ways to Find a Contract While on Holidays

Last week we discussed 6 reasons it’s a good idea to keep searching for opportunities over the holidays. Let’s dive deeper into some simple strategies you can use or activities you can do right now that will give you an advantage in the New Year and throughout 2015.

  1. Holiday Events
    How many parties and dinners have you been to so far and how many more will you attend?  How many do you actually want to attend?  All of these are networking events, so take advantage by meeting new people and re-connecting with old friends.  You don’t need to sell yourself or hand out copies of your resume, but it’s amazing where a simple discussion can lead.

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  1. Send thank you notes/holiday cards
    Speaking of building relationships, have you sent your holiday cards yet?  If you think it’s too late, how about thank you notes to people you worked with this year?  This is a simple task you can do while watching TV or traveling and can have great rewards.

  2. Take the time away to do research
    You don’t need to be applying to jobs to get ahead, instead simply focus on planning.  Research your industry, potential clients, and potential agencies.  Find out where the opportunities will be and where you want to be.  Then develop your plan.  Will you work on some relationships? Register for some events? Set-up email notifications on Google and job boards?

  3. Take the time away to inventory your skills and re-work your resume
    The previous point focuses on your external analysis, but don’t forget about the internal one. Take a step back to review your skills.  Should you do any extra training this year?  Then, re-work your resume.  Maybe even create multiple resumes that focus on different roles.

  4. Be flexible when scheduling meetings
    If you manage to get an interview or meeting with a potential client, be able to work around their schedule.  Everybody is a busy right now and will be playing “catch-up” for a couple weeks after the holidays.  The more flexible you are, the more likely you’ll be able to get a meeting, and clients will appreciate you accommodating to their schedule.

If you set a goal to find new contracts during your break but haven’t started yet, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time.  The tips above are simple and shouldn’t take too much time away from your vacation.  Do you have any other quick tips to find new contracts over the holidays?