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Improve Your Online Presence with Your Online Resume

Are you tired of always having to update your resume and send yet another attachment to a recruiter? A link to an online resume and/or public profile may be the perfect solution!

What is your public profile

The link to your public profile can lead to anywhere you keep your experience up-to-date. Rather than providing a resume, you just provide a link (for example, make it a staple of your signature block). When a Recruiter wants your updated experience, they simply follow the link. If other companies have this option, you can use the same link for them. This means that you no longer need to make sure everybody has your most recent resume, you simply need to keep this one profile up to date.

Your LinkedIn Profile

You're hopefully already on LinkedIn and if you've keep your profile up-to-date, it will act as a perfect resume. Your LinkedIn profile includes experience, project details, education, and references. To view another person's profile, generally you need to be connected with them; however, you can also share a public link with them. Learn more about how to customize that link here. Note: if you start giving away this link, you may find more recruiters want to connect with you on LinkedIn!

Your Website

A recent post talked about how independent contractors can create a public website for their business, including experience, profiles and a blog. Again, as long as you're keeping this up-to-date, it's a great resume. It may even be better than a resume because it gives more insight into you, your technical abilities, and your creativity. Be careful, though, if your website gets too personal, it may deter potential clients.

Shared Folders on the Cloud

There are many free services across the Internet where you can save files on a cloud server to keep them safe and secure. For example, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive are easy to set-up and come with a generous amount of storage at no charge. From there, it's easy to save files so you can work on them in another location or share them with other people. When you save a file in the cloud, you can set security settings and decide who can see your files. One of those settings is to allow anybody to see the file as long as they have a link. That means you can write your resume, save it to the cloud, and send that link off to Recruiters. If you keep that file up-to-date and as long as they have that link, they'll always have access to your up-to-date resume!

Online resumes and public profiles are a great time-saving tool to keep recruiters up-to-date on your skills and experience, without getting bogged down in multiple attachments. It also makes it extremely easy to apply for jobs from any device! Do you have an online resume anywhere?