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Job Interviews -- Getting the Job

Job interviews are a stressful thing and new contractors don’t always realize how easy it is to do certain things that will increase their chance of getting a job. In fact, they may simply hope they do well, which puts all of the power in the hands of the interviewer!

First Job Interview

In addition to the basic skills needed to do the job, here are some other things a recruiter or client may be looking for:

  • A positive and cheery attitude. Clients don’t want a “negative personality’ on site and recruiters would be embarrassed to present negative people to a client.

  • Evidence that the person did some research before the interview. At a minimum, that includes visiting the website and understanding a bit about the client and the project.

  • Some questions that show they have thought about the role, and how it might work.

  • Appropriate interview attire.  Make sure you create that great first impression with neat and tidy clothing.  You only get one shot at a first impression!

  • Enthusiasm for the opportunity. The client wants to know that you want the job and you’re interested in their success, not that you’re only looking for your next contract.

  • Good manners! (shocking that we have to mention this one, but, ya)

Great interviewers may also dig to learn a few things about a candidate to determine a few specific traits.

  • Will they be willing to put in longer hours when it is needed?

  • Do they really care about the client’s success?

  • Are they investing in their training and making sure they’re on top of the latest trends and best practices in their field?

  • Are they involved in their industry and do they have a network of other professionals in case they hit a snag during the project?

A job interview is hard work. If you “wing it” then you are flipping a coin, if you do the preparation then you have a much better chance of success. Not only should you remember the basic interview skills listed above, but think about the deeper traits the client or recruiter is seeking, and plant those into your responses. It could make or break your interview!