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This Blog Is For You, NOT About You.

Learning quote Wise men learn by other mens mistakes

In the almost nine years that I have been writing this blog I have occasionally heard from people when they thought that I was targeting them with one of my entries. Of the almost 1,800 blog entries that I have written I can think of only a couple that were targeted at someone specific … and they were very clearly written so that it was very obvious who I was writing about, good or bad!

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford

Here are 10 Facts about this blog:

  1. This blog is written based on more than 40 years of work experience.

  2. This blog is written based on experience from an entry level blue collar role, through various jobs and eventually working my way to owning a business.

  3. This blog is most often written from the vantage point of a business owner.

  4. This blog IS intended to make people think.

  5. If people see themselves in a blog entry then please know that it is not you I am writing about

  6. People reading my blog should never take it personally, BUT they can try to learn from it.

  7. The reason to read this blog is to get someone else’s insight … and do with it as you wish.

  8. I think I have something to offer people based on my experiences … in the same way that I look for people to learn from.

  9. If you get a little insight or a good idea or some advice worth having then I have done my job.

  10. My best advice … read the entries and look for lessons, do NOT look for problems!

“Learning is not compulsory…neither is survival.” W. Edwards Deming

Where do I get my inspiration for entries?

  • Current events will often spark a thought that leads to a blog entry.

  • I might read an article or book that gives me inspiration.

  • Some of my friends and/or colleagues will sometimes offer ideas.

  • I occasionally will go back and revisit topics discussed in years past.

  • I have some standard blog entries that I write monthly or quarterly.

  • Sometimes events within Eagle will happen and spark the germ of an idea that I will expand using experiences from my past. I never write these blog entries immediately after the Eagle event and I always bundle the experience with other previous events.

  • Sometimes the same will happen with events in other companies.

If I have something to address with someone I am not at all shy to have that conversation. The last place someone will receive feedback from me is through my blog.

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” Vernon Howard