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10 Softer Things to Remember on Contract This Year

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 yet?  If so, did you include any professional goals? While many of us will create objectives to improve technical skills, network, and maybe be a bit more organized, we don’t always remember to improve on the softer side of things.

What do we mean by that? A great contractor knows the technical requirements to do their job and meet their client’s expectations.  What sometimes lack, though, are the softer pieces of knowledge that help exceed client expectations, improve our reputations, and, most importantly, increase our happiness in life.  Here are 10 examples of these softer areas you may want to pay a bit more attention to in 2015:

  1. We spend a lot of time working, so we might as well be proud of what we do.

Happy Independent Contractor
  1. We may not be defined by our work but we can take pride in our work, which will affect who we are.

  2. If you have a good attitude you will get ahead, even if that is sometimes hard to foresee.

  3. If you have a lousy attitude people will treat you accordingly and you can expect your opportunities to reflect that.

  4. If you think you are getting away with something you are wrong, it is amazing what people know.

  5. If you think your hard work is not noticed, you are likely wrong too.

  6. Most clients and/or recruiters will give you feedback, good and bad. It is what you do with that feedback that will determine what happens next.

  7. There is always someone worse off than you.

  8. If you go looking for disparities that you believe are unfair, then you will find them and they will make you bitter.

  9. Focusing on doing the best job that you can will bring the best returns in what matters most — self-respect, as well as money!

Knowing how to do your job is important and obviously crucial to winning a contract. If you can also master the steps to be happy with your work and your life, you will achieve much more success this year. Do you agree? Can you add to the list above?