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How to Get More Call-Backs!

You've worked hard on your resume. It's an amazing document. You are flushed with pride and so you submit to a staffing agency. You are confident that this time you will get the call back. But you don't. So what went wrong? There's a strong possibility that what you think you're saying and what is being read are completely different. Does your resume fit into some of these categories?

What you write:

What you think it says.

Why we don't call you back.

What you can do about it

A resume that closely follows the same format as a thesis.

You are an intellectual and we'd be silly not to call you.

We don't understand how to read your resume to be able to match your experience to an open role.

Dumb it down. Keep your sentences short, sweet and to the point.

The same descriptor words for each bullet point, like the word "expert" or "utilized".

You are an "expert" at every single task listed. You have "utilized" everything, so you are the best person to hire.

There are hundreds of other candidates that know how to sell themselves better.

Use a thesaurus. Pick your most used descriptor word and change it up.

Your life story, how you became unemployed, why you didn't like your last placement, a personal appeal about your finances.

Hiring Managers will make an emotional connection and will call you back because you "deserve a break".

We have concerns that you have the potential to be an HR nightmare to our clients.

Separate your personal life from your business life and focus on selling yourself based exclusively on your abilities.

Five different roles under the same client placement. You are a Project Manager... no a Business Analyst... no a Risk Specialist.

Your professional abilities are limitless. You can easily transition from role to role and are flexible and adaptable.

We don't know how to classify your skill set. We have doubts about whether you can perform all the different roles you claim.

Create 2 or 3 different resumes to highlight your different skill sets. One resume for Project Management, one resume for Business Analysis and one resume for Risk.

References available upon request.

That you have references lined up and are therefore trustworthy.

Other candidates make it easier for us by providing three solid professional references.

Obtain blanket permission from your references to use them and then provide us with the information we need to make an informed decision about your hiring potential.

All things being equal, the real reason you aren't getting called-back might be because your resume is confusing, dense, or too personal. If you want to fix that, ask a couple of friends to read your resume and provide honest advice. Too often, we don't even realize the impact of the written word -- so get help and feedback to improve your resume. If you have a resume-related question I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment and I'll write you back personally.