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Who's the Right Agency for You?

More and more these days, contractors looking for work have many different options of who they can deal with in assisting them in their job search. Because of this, it is even more important for staffing agencies to step up their game, distinguish themselves from their competitors, and ultimately show value to these candidates.

Having been in the Staffing Agency business for over 17 years, I can honestly say there are times that I could have done more for the candidates I was trying to help find jobs.  But, over time I’ve learned from those mistakes and recognized the importance of building relationships with our candidates, and our clients.

At Eagle, we understand that as a contractor you can use whatever staffing agency you’d like, so it is extremely important for us give you a fantastic experience from the beginning. This means ensuring certain levels of service, including (but not limited to):

  • Meeting with each candidate to build rapport and establish a relationship;

Contractor shaking hands with recruiter
  • Clearly explaining the job opportunity, and arming contractors with as much information and intelligence as possible to ensure their success;

  • Prepping candidates prior to an interview so they can be properly prepared for the customer;

  • Following-up with the candidate after an interview to provide them feedback, good or bad;

  • Being honest with each and every candidate; and,

  • Having the best opportunities available.

These all sound like basic criteria anyone should follow, but sometimes they aren’t and candidates clearly want this. As one of Canada’s top professional staffing firms, we believe it is incumbent on on us to ensure we are always practicing this, day in and day out. After all, if we practice what we preach, candidates will want to continue to work with us in the future.

While most agencies in our industry do strive to live up to similar high levels of service, there are others who do not. At the same time, you as a contractor may feel that you’re happy to work with an agency that doesn’t fulfill these requirements — it’s a matter of priorities without a right or wrong answer.

What’s important for you is to decide what you want from your agency and do your research to find ones that meet your needs.  What’s important for us is to ensure we continue to meet your expectations!