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4 Candidates You Should Reject but Not Forget

One of Virtual Recruiter’s most value-adding services is our resume screening.  Our clients get dozens of resumes and we scratch most of them off the list, leaving only 3-5 top candidates.  While often there are some applicants who come close to making the shortlist, there are many others who get cut fairly quickly.

So what should you do with those rejected applicants?  Some of them obviously have no business applying to your job and should go directly to the shredder, but others may come in useful for the future.  Here are a few examples of some rejected candidates you may want to keep around.

The Under-Qualified: This person has many of the right skills, but lacks some of the major requirements for this particular job.  However, could they come in useful for future opportunities?  Perhaps you’ll be looking for a more junior-level person who you can train and bring up the ranks.

The Over-Qualified:  The opposite of the above, this person has way too many qualifications.  You’re concerned that they’ll either be extremely expensive, or won’t stick around because they will get a better offer down the road.  If you’ve decided you do not want over-qualified people, don’t burn their resume.  Even if you’re never going to need somebody that senior, these people could be great consultants or even have a network of people who would fit your opportunity.

Wrong Geographic Location:  A question we ask all clients is if they would consider out-of-town resources.  Responses vary depending on the client, but for those who select “no”, we reject many more candidates.  Often an applicant is a perfect fit for the role, but they live on the other side of the country.  We still recommend keeping these resumes on file.  Perhaps another one of your offices will require that resource, teleworking will become an option for your company, or you will be in a better position to help them move down the road.

Salary requirements don’t match: Candidates are sometimes upfront about salary requirements in their resume, and those requirements don’t match what you’re offering.  If the candidate would be great for the role, you can eliminate them, but don’t forget them.  Anything is negotiable and if you don’t find anybody suitable, you may need to adjust your expectations.

Even though there are many terrible resumes, with Virtual Recruiter we still send 100% of the ones we receive back to the client.  Why?  Partially so we can show the value Virtual Recruiter returns, but also because we encourage clients to keep them on file and hire them later.  How long do you keep unqualified resumes?  Have you ever gone back to them and hired somebody?  Let us know in the comments below!