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How to Be More Productive with Google

Google is a powerful tool that has evolved to be a lot more than a search engine.  When you leverage it properly, you can create one Google account (that doesn’t mean having to use a Gmail address anymore), and connect all of its services.  You can go on to manage them all together on the cloud and significantly increase your productivity.

The infographic below from shows just a few of the more popular services.  If you’re not on all of these today, can you be?  If you do have accounts with them, are they connected?

Once you’ve explored these, we recommend you also get familiar with Google Keep, Google Play, Google Contacts and Google Maps.  Of course, connecting all of these tools can raise privacy and security concerns. 

Note: The infographic is slightly outdated.  Instead of limiting yourself to just Google Docs, apps like Sheets, Slides and Forms can be just as handy and are all now part of Google Drive.  Also, Google Reader has since been shut down.  For alternate RSS Readers, we recommend Digg Reader or Feedly.

Infographic: What can you do with Google?