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How to Keep a Fair and Consistent Hiring Process

You have a great opportunity and an influx of valuable candidates knocking on your door to get that job. (What a great problem to have!) Who do you choose? Before you jump to hire your favourite person, take a step back and make sure they're really the best fit. Was your screening process consistent enough? Do you really know who the more qualified people are?

Screening fairly

A fair and consistent hiring process ensures that when your options are marginally close, you pick the best person for your organization. If anything, though, you should be concentrating on a fair process because it's the right thing to do. So, how can you be confident you're recruiting ethically and in the best interest of your company? Here are a few quick points:

  • Keep the entire process consistent for each and every applicant.

  • Make a plan that aligns with the goals of the open position before you even start to hire... and stick to that plan!

  • The plan should extend to interviews. Keep the same format, ask the same questions, and record all of the answers so you can review everybody fairly at the end.

  • Create a diverse hiring committee to help eliminate unintentional discrimination or biases. Each person can have different priorities for the new hire, but everybody should agree on the final plan and goals.

  • Periodically evaluate to make sure you're still on track. Is everything still consistent? Should something be added to the plan?

  • Have weighted qualifications. This will help you stick to the priorities and adds objectivity to your skills evaluation.

  • Written tests are also great, but make sure they're marked objectively, possibly by an unbiased third party. Also be sure they're relevant to the requirements and weighted accordingly.

But don't miss out on great candidates! Of course you need to be fair, but remain flexible and human. Don't rely on just numbers and select the candidate with the best score. Your team's feelings and intuition should still play a significant role. Remember to pay attention to unique skills and experiences a person may bring to the table. They may be flashy and irrelevant, but they may also be valuable assets that align with your organization's strategy. How do you keep a fair and consistent hiring process?