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Two Reasons You Need to Care about Metadata in your Job Postings

Do your online job postings have useful metadata in them?  Let’s back up a step — do you know what metadata is?  If not, you may want to check with the team who manages your postings because it may be costing you candidates.

What is Metadata?

For anyone who remembers scrolling through card catalogs at libraries, metadata is the information that helped you find relevant books. It’s no different on the web.  Metadata is the information in the back-end of a webpage that helps you know if a page is relevant to what you’re seeking.  It’s something you need to be applying to your job postings — without a doubt! Here are 2 reasons you’ll want to get going on this today:

1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ve touched on this in a few past posts. SEO is the science of using ethical techniques to make sure Google and other major search engines understand what your page is about and that it’s high quality.  By gaining strong authority with the search engines, you’re more likely to show up at the top of a search.  Metadata, specifically the Title and Description meta tags, are used by crawlers to learn about your page’s contents.  They cross-reference that to a search and decide if it’s relevant to a user.  If your metadata in a job posting is non-existent or does a poor job of describing the specific opportunity, the posting is much less likely to show up in a search.

2: Social Media

Do you share your job postings or interesting articles on social media, specifically LinkedIn? When you share a link, you’ll notice LinkedIn generates a preview of what the page is about. That helps grab a reader’s attention and is what they will likely use to decide if the content is interesting enough for them to visit.  Social networks generate these previews based on metadata.  If you have no metadata, or poor descriptions about the job, don’t expect results from the links you share with your networks.

SEO and social media sharing are only two reasons you need to prioritize the use of metadata in your job descriptions. Vice-versa, there are many other ways you can optimize your job postings for SEO and social media.  Would you like to learn more about either of these topics?  Let us know in the comments below!