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Face-to-Face Meetings in a Social Media World? YES!

The recruiting industry has significantly evolved over the past ten years, especially considering how the advancements in social media have caused the way we communicate to drastically change.  For the most part, these changes have been welcomed by both contractors looking for jobs and clients looking to hire.  How we as a recruiting agency seek talent has also seen some dramatic changes, yet there are still some very basic traits and principles that hold true today.

Face-to-Face Interview

One of the most powerful things we can do, as both recruiters and contractors, is meet people… face-to-face… in person.  Unfortunately, this has become somewhat of a lost art, in part because we have ‘too much to do’. We’re all busy, and it’s plain easier to phone, email, or text someone instead.  Although these forms of communication have made all of our lives easier, the fact remains that physically meeting with someone in person is something that we should not lose sight of.  The ability for us to really understand a candidate’s skills, career aspirations, personalities, goals, likes, dislikes, are not always possible with other forms of communications. Vice-versa, as a contractor, these tools limit how well you can really get to know a recruiter, learn their processes and understand if they’re the right person to help you land your next job. Meeting someone face-to-face is where this happens.

Where this becomes increasingly important is when interviewing for a potential job opportunity.  We as a professional staffing agency strive to meet and exceed our clients’ and candidates’ expectations.  We do this by personally meeting with both parties and fully understanding everybody’s needs, ensuring there is a mutual fit. If any one of us — client, contractor, or recruiter — fails to take the time to meet face-to-face, we all risk the potential of a miserable contract placement.

The world is extremely busy, but when considering your first or next job, you should make the investment to personally meet with your recruiter so that you are both comfortable and you build trust. Conference calls, texting, skype, emailing, social networks, and other forms of communication are all crucial elements in building and maintaining relationships; however, none of them captures the impact of meeting with someone face-to-face.

What’s your preferred method of communication?  Do you believe you can achieve the same relationship without face-to-face meetings?