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10 Reasons Why Candidates Hate Your Recruiting Process

In most cases, your recruiting process is a candidate's first impression of your organization and can easily affect whether or not a great candidate accepts your job offer. If the entire process is a negative experience for the candidate, you will likely lose them, but it can also tarnish your reputation as an employer. Don't believe us? Just look at this thread from Indeed with people complaining about Google, a world-renowned company as one of the best employers.

So, what are the most common complaints candidates have about prospective employers' recruiting processes? We searched articles and forums across the Internet and put together this list of 10 job seeker pet peeves:

  1. Long, drawn-out online applications that ask too much information.

  2. Not being punctual with interviews, leading to a long wait in the reception area.

  3. Not researching the candidate before the interview. (Common career advice for job seekers is to learn about the company before an interview - the hiring company should do the same.)

  4. Multiple redundant interviews that have identical questions.

  5. Being unclear about the position and its availability or misrepresenting it completely.

  6. Demanding salary history and expectations before considering an interview.

  7. The opposite of #6 and ignoring questions about salary all together.

  8. Obvious discrimination, specifically age on both extremes.

  9. Lack of communication during and after the hiring process.

  10. When there is communication, sending unsympathetic rejection emails.

The recurring theme in most of these points is don't waste your applicants' time. Passive job seekers especially, who most employers say are their ideal candidates, have very little extra time. If your process is too long, you may lose them when they don't feel your company is worth the extra effort. Are you guilty of any of these?