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5 Signs You're Working with a Great Staffing Agency

5 Signs You're Working with a Great Agency

Is your “Staffing Agency” doing enough for you as an Independent Contractor? I often hear this question from both candidates and clients, wondering if the Agency representing an Independent Contractor is ‘doing enough’.  It’s a very fair question, and one that a great staffing agency should not take lightly.

An Independent Contractor has every right to choose whomever they’d like to represent them, and it is a HIGHLY competitive market.  It’s very important for agencies to build report with consultants, and really be able to offer them value.  How?  Here are few signs you’re working with a great staffing agency:

  1. They focus on meeting and exceeding client and candidates’ expectations. A great agency will focus on more than clients, and also ensure they bring the very best opportunities to contractors. They work with clients to ensure contractors have a variety of excellent job options.

  2. They have long-standing client relationships. Research more than just an agency’s client list, but the history they have with each client. Developed relationships mean the agency is able to be part of large Client Programs, resulting in more promising opportunities.

  3. They have a solid recruiting team. Top recruiters will do much more than just send you job descriptions and submit your resume.  Look for a team who can coach, advise, negotiate, and help Independent Contractors through the entire placement cycle. Great recruiters will ensure your wants and needs are taken into consideration.

  4. They work to build TRUST with candidates. Trust is built over time and a great agency knows this, taking the time to build a relationship with all candidates.  Trust often comes from years of experience in the Industry, working with both clients and candidates to understand what they value most.

  5. They include extras. There are many great agencies out there that go above and beyond to bring extra value to contractors.  Look for the ones that bring you the most value with their extras. For example, Eagle hosts regular networking events for contractors and rewards top professionals with the Eagle Elite designation.

Ultimately in order for an agency to be “doing enough” for Independent Contractors, they need to ensure you see that value, experience, and trust all the time, in everything they do. These qualities are subjective and really depend on what you need most as an independent contractor.  Take a look at your agency – are they great enough for you?