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How to Pronounce Certain Tech Terms

If you work in Tech, you've heard it all. People -- both technical and non-technical -- pronouncing certain words in a way that make you cringe. For some of these terms, the right way to say them is still debatable, so Mashable and Column Five went on a mission to solve the conflict. They polled 30,000 people from 191 countries to find out how they pronounce six different tech terms. The results are in the infographic below and, depending on your preferences, results may be surprising! How to Pronounce Certain Tech Terms infographic_how-to-pronounce-certain-tech-terms2 infographic_how-to-pronounce-certain-tech-terms3 infographic_how-to-pronounce-certain-tech-terms4 infographic_how-to-pronounce-certain-tech-terms5 infographic_how-to-pronounce-certain-tech-terms6 infographic_how-to-pronounce-certain-tech-terms7 infographic_how-to-pronounce-certain-tech-terms8