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Mobile-Friendly Recruiting - Best Practices

Mobile-Friendly Recruiting Best Practices

Mobile-friendly recruiting is no longer an option or a great idea for companies who are trying to attract talent, it's an essential piece of the puzzle. The ability to search and apply for jobs is expected from almost all millennials, and it's a demand from professionals across generations, including the Boomers.

To add to the urgency, Google recently implemented a policy that penalizes websites that aren't mobile-friendly and many companies have reacted well, making adjustments to meet the requirements. Some companies updated the main pages of the website, but opted out of optimizing their job board. It may be because they decided the careers section wasn't a priority or it's hosted through a third party, but the reality is, if your job board is not mobile-friendly, candidates will have a harder time finding your opportunities. If they do manage to stumble upon it, your drop-off rates are likely to be much higher.

If you're still behind and ready to make some changes, here are a few items to consider:


Design is the main factor in Google's decision to penalize you or not. The design of your website, including your job board, needs to be easy to read and use on any device, from any size screen. It's very rare that you'll find a one-size-fits-all design, so most websites have multiple designs, each one being optimized for a different device. This is achieved through either a separate mobile website, or responsive design. In terms of mobile design, it must be simple and eye-catching for somebody looking at it from a small screen.

For example, it should include:

  • Short, concise chunks of text with large fonts.

  • Graphic and eye catching content in place of text (ex. Infographics).

  • Easy-to-use links such as buttons that can be touched, rather than text that can be clicked.


A post last year discussed the overall candidate experience and we mentioned the mobile component. While design is what will get people to your site and gain interest, the overall experience is what's going to get people to apply to your jobs.

Attention spans are getting much shorter and the second someone has trouble with your site, they'll just move on. Be creative when optimizing the experience and keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Keep the entire process short, avoiding long application forms.

  • Make the apply button obvious and easy to use.

  • Consider connecting with cloud technology so applicants can access their Dropbox or Google Drive.

Other Mobile Tools

Recruiting is more than a job board where opportunities are posted and resumes are accepted. It's about building relationships with current and future candidates. Take advantage of other mobile tools through your entire recruiting process.

For example:

  • More people are using social media through their mobile devices, so be more active on networks like Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Get in the habit of texting people instead of quick emails or phone calls, just make sure you get their permission first.

  • Look into a mobile-app that gives company news and updates.

Mobile is no longer a trend, but a reality. Keeping up is essential, those that don't will fall behind and, ultimately, lose out on great candidates. Are your recruiting processes mobile-friendly?