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Three Reasons to Postpone Your Summer Vacation

Summer time and the living is easy….or so the saying goes. And why not in a country that has to pack all of its outdoor fun and vacation in about a two month window (ok West coasters you have the rest of the country on that window). The dog days of summer are now upon us but as Contractors, is it really the time to go off the radar and on vacation or wait until better times?

Canada appears to be, at least statistically, in the grips of a recession. A struggling dollar, stagnant oil prices combined with uncertainty over Europe – in particular the Greece crisis – has caused many organizations, private and public to retrench, downsize and pull back on major capital expenditures . It’s times like this that employees and contractors need to be acutely aware of their continued value proposition as companies become ever leaner and yes meaner to counter the downward cycles. In employment surveys CEO’s and CIO’s are projecting very weak hiring plans, sometimes an opportunity for increased opportunities in contracting; however,  we have certainly seen many organizations look across the entire workforce looking for efficiencies and cost-savings including those found in their contact or variable work force. Several have implemented across the board rate reductions as a key strategy.

So is all doom and gloom? No! If it is a recession, many economists look for Canada to pull out in the last half of the year. But to get back to our original question, is it really the right time to vacation? Let’s look at opportunities and reasons to consider deferring that summer vacation.

Consider the following:

  1. Summer will no doubt see a lot of full time employees take time off. What better way to strengthen and deepen your value as a contractor than to pick up the slack and fill the vacation holes?

  2. Projects need to continue to move and deliverables need to be met as September is typically a great reset. Extra hours and effort in the summer will help build that positive momentum towards the Fall and clients now, more than ever, are under pressure to deliver on time and under budget.

  3. You need to ensure your value to your client. Do you really want to be the cause of a delay or a missed deliverable or worse yet have your client deem you expendable once you’ve taken time off?

Tough times indeed and we all have to be sure we are providing good ROI.  And hey, what’s wrong with a vacation to a warm, sunny island when the snow and ice return!