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10 Tips for a Fantastic Interview with a Recruiter


A few months ago, we surveyed all of Eagle's recruiters to get their insight on interviews with independent contractors and we have been sharing those findings over the past weeks. So far, we have focused on just a few areas that really stood out in the results such as how to prepare, which questions to ask, and how to set the best first impressions.

In addition to these tips, our Recruitment Specialists also provided specific advice on what they each feel makes a fantastic interview. Here is some of the top advice we received (word-for-word):

  1. The contractor needs to give off the vibe that they want to be there.

  2. There should be a good exchange between the candidate and recruiter.

  3. It's a good sign when the candidate shows an understanding for what the agency can do for them and demonstrates that they see value.

  4. It's important that the candidate displays a positive attitude.

  5. The recruiter is directing the interview, but it should feel like a two way street. Both parties need to get value out of the meeting, so contractors need to come prepared with what they are looking to get out of the interview.

  6. I look for an engaged and educated candidate - someone who is prepared and has some good questions to ask.

  7. When both sides have learned something at the end of the interview, it's been a success.

  8. Technical skills should be as strong as social skills.

  9. I love it when a candidate can explain their experience with just the right amount of detail. Someone who can explain their technical expertise effectively to someone who may not be technical themselves. Great candidates are results-based. They have an understanding of how they made money, saved it, or impacted a business process that did both.

  10. Candidates should have the ability to articulate A) The specific type of role that is of interest to them (Generalists/"I'll take anything" types are less memorable and scary for a recruiter.) and B) how they are uniquely qualified to perform well in that role, through specific project examples in past (recent!) experience.

This is what recruiters think makes a fantastic interview. But as we've pointed out, it's a two-way street. So what makes a fantastic interview for you?