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6 Simple Steps to Drive a Recruiter Nuts


A couple weeks ago we shared some direct quotes Eagle’s Recruitment Specialists gave us when we asked them what makes a fantastic interview.  Naturally, they also gave us a few ideas about what makes a terrible interview.  As patient as recruiters are, there are some things that drive them nuts.  Here are some direct quotes (hint: they really hate it when people are rude).

  1. Interrupting

    • It drives me crazy when contractor/candidates interrupt me

    • .. this is the worst! Interrupting someone is a guarantee that you will give off a bad vibe.

    • When they do not let the recruiter get a word in, and try to dominate the discussion. It puts the interviewer in an awkward position where they have to cut them off and re-align the discussion.

    • Trying to monopolize the conversation by rambling on, or trying to control the direction the interview goes.

  2. Being Arrogant

    • Talking down when a recruiter needs some additional info.

    • When the candidate doesn’t treat the interview with the recruiter the same as they would with a potential client or employer.

    • Coming across as being cocky by making it seem as though I am wasting their time by meeting with them.

  3. Being Rude or Negative in Other Ways

    • When people forget to turn their phones off.

    • Checking their phone.

    • I hate it when candidates seem uninterested or disengaged.

    • Badmouth previous employers.

    • Have an overall negative attitude.

  4. Lack of Simple Social Skills

    • Poor hygiene.

    • Bad handshake!

    • Lack of eye contact.

  5. Poor Interview Skills

    • Poor presentation skills.

    • Rambling – must be prepared to answer questions directly without being long-winded.

    • Use “uuummmm” too often.

    • Getting distracted.

    • Pulling out endless project diagrams — these will typically distract from the discussion rather than add to it.

  6. Seeming Like They’re Trying to Pull a Fast One

    • Don’t directly answer the question. Especially being vague about what they’ve done at previous jobs or why they left previous jobs.

    • Inability to communicate what type of work they are targeting (answers should be specific, not “I’ll take anything” If they can’t articulate it, how can we find it?)

    • One word answers or short answers. Especially when I’ve already asked follow ups. It should be obvious I’m looking for them to elaborate.

Are you guilty of any of these? Is there anything recruiters do that drive you nuts?