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How to Leverage the Cloud When Recruiting

If you're not using cloud computing to its full potential yet, you need to start. It not only brings countless benefits to business in general, but can optimize your recruiting processes in a serious way. If you're still not sold on the idea, you're not sure how to start, or if the term cloud is still a bit fuzzy to you, here's an overview that should help answer your questions.

What is this cloud you speak of?

Contrary to what some people may think, the Cloud is not a magical place in the sky where files are stored. When you save files to the Cloud, you're saving them on a computer at another location that you can then access from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You're probably already using cloud computing in some sort of way today. For example, webmail services such as Gmail or Hotmail are examples of storing information in the cloud. Your emails aren't saved anywhere on your local computer, but you can always access them securely with the proper login credentials.

General Benefits of the Cloud

There are countless reasons you should start using more cloud tools today, both in your professional and business life. For example:

  • It's secure and an easy way to back-up your files. Reputable cloud servers have extremely high security settings and, if you take the proper precautions as well, it's more likely somebody will hack into your computer than into your cloud files. Furthermore, when your files are on the cloud, they're not going anywhere. When you back-up your files with a cloud service, even if somebody drops a piano on your computer, your files will be safe and sound.

  • You can access it anywhere. Like Gmail, you can access your files from anywhere and any device, as long as there's internet. No matter where you are in the world, you will always be able to grab those important files. Some people even keep a file of emergency information such as scanned passports and phone numbers so it's accessible when they travel.

  • Collaboration is soooooo easy! You can keep your files as private or as public as you wish. You can even select which specific people can access them. If you're working on a document with a group, rather than sending around attachments in hundreds of emails, simply share the file with each other and work out of the same document.

Let's Apply This to Recruiting

How can this fit into your recruiting processes? Here are just a few ideas you can implement today:

  • Collaborate with your team. Your HR department can write the first draft of a job description, and the direct manager can go into the file and make updates.

  • Share files with candidates too. Send them a private link that leads to your company information, pre-interview questions, or onboarding documents.

  • Let candidates share their files on the cloud. Rather than insist on a resume, what if they just send you a link to their resume? You'll still have it for your records, they can update it as time goes on, and it's a mobile-friendly solution.

  • Review resumes from anywhere. Screening resumes is a daunting task that can take forever. If you keep files on the cloud, when you find yourself on a long car ride or in a waiting room, easily access them from your phone or tablet. Now when you get back to the office, your work is partially done.

Get Going!

Often when we read about cloud computing recruitment solutions, they're tens of thousands of dollars to implement and not feasible for a small business. There's no reason you need to start that big, though. Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are extremely affordable (often free), very secure and already popular among job seekers. They also integrate with a number of other technologies, which increases your opportunities exponentially.

How else can you leverage the Cloud in your recruiting efforts? We only scratched the surface with the benefits and would love to learn more about what you're doing.