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Making the Argument for Video Job Postings

Why Create Video Job Postings?

For a few years now, online marketers have been exploring the benefits of video to sell their products. There are countless successes, as demonstrated by YouTube's popularity and the endless viral videos we are exposed to on a daily basis. So if companies are embracing video marketing for their goods and services, why are so few taking advantage of it for their job postings?

If you have a role in creating job postings and you're either unsure about video yourself, or trying to sell the idea to others on your team, here are 5 great points that should influence your team:

  • Video adds feeling and emotion. You probably won't leave people tearing-up or starting a fan club after seeing your production, but there's a good chance they'll feel more connected to your organization. Visuals and tone of voice are lacking in written descriptions and will contribute immensely.

  • Video helps people understand your culture. Along with feeling and emotion, video will allow you to visually showcase your company. People will get a chance to see your offices, the people, and even how you dress. All of it will help them understand if it's a place they want to work. Hopefully it is, but if not, they may self-screen which saves you time.

  • Video is awesome on Social Media. Not just YouTube, but Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram are all great ways to showcase your video. There are millions of people on these networks and if they're not looking for a job, they probably know somebody who is. If it's a memorable video (nobody says you can't have a sense of humour), it may even get shared around the world.

  • Video is fantastic for Search Engine Optimization. When your video is being spread across social media, linking back to your site, and even hosted on your site, Google knows. A popular video will gain a lot of views and shares, lead back to your job board, and increase your site's online authority. Now your entire organization benefits because of your video.

  • Video job postings are still unique. Very few organizations are embracing this opportunity. By jumping in with two feet, your organization will be seen as innovative and trend setting. If you're looking to attract the younger generation, this will have some very positive effects on the types of applicants you receive.

We're not suggesting you completely replace your standard text-based job postings. After all, some people prefer to skim through the writing or copy/paste it for a friend, and some devices may not even be able to play it. If you want to start looking into video job postings, use it as a complement with your traditional job posting.

What do you think? Will you create more video? Do you already do it? If so, how is it working?