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The Secret to Making a Recruiter Find You


A couple weeks ago we shared some data from a recent survey taken by Eagle’s recruiters that revealed the best ways a contractor can get in touch with them for the first time. We also touched on the strategy of getting your name out there so that if you’re unable to reach a recruiter, you can increase the chances that they will find you. Let’s go a bit deeper into that subject.

In the same survey referenced above, recruiters shared their thoughts on their favourite places to look for great talent.  Not surprisingly, Eagle’s database is the first place recruiters start a search (and this is often the same at other agencies). We always encourage our contractors to start at our online job board because it not only provides immediate access to current jobs, but it gives contractors the opportunity to upload their latest resumes and maintain their profile. This guarantees you’re one of the first considered for new contract opportunities, even if you never apply!

Of course, recruiters diversify where they search, and it’s only logical that you do the same in where you promote yourself. So where should you go? While all recruiters who responded to the survey had a range in preferences, one thing remained consistent — they all search online! (not too surprising!)

There are many techniques you can use to increase your online presence, from building a personal website to participating more in user forums.  But the top places recruiters suggest you start building your profile is on social media platforms and with major job boards.

Social Media

Primarily LinkedIn. In fact, every recruiter uses LinkedIn at some point or another, but few use any other social networks. (Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are used by some recruiters, but Pinterest and Instagram are not that popular, so it isn’t worth pinning your resume any time soon.) If you’re not on LinkedIn already, do it now. If you’re already set up, make sure it’s up-to-date and looks professional. We also surveyed our recruiters on what they feel makes a great LinkedIn profile, and will share that in the coming weeks.

Major Job Boards and Aggregators

You may not know it, but major job boards such as Monster, Workopolis, CareerBuilder and Indeed build databases of skilled professionals. When you apply to jobs through these websites, you can choose to be included in their database and maintain a profile. This means recruiters from hundreds of companies gain access to your experience and will start contacting you for opportunities. The downside to these large databases is that you may get overwhelmed with contracts that don’t match your interests.

Regardless of where you build your online profile, the most important thing to remember is to keep it up-to-date. Always have your most recent skills and experience with current contact information and as much detail as possible. Recruiters search out your profile in the same way you search out opportunities – using key words. Plant the right words throughout your resume and profile, and you’ll find the time you have to spend searching new opportunities will start decreasing.

Where else do you go to create your online profile? What about offline?