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5 Ways to Recruit a Diverse Workforce

There is plenty of research and real-life proof that a diverse workforce leads to many competitive advantages. Most organizations today recognize this and set goals to create one. If you've ever been a part of these programs, though, you know that recruiting a multi-cultural team is easier said than done. Here are a few extra tips you can try, if you haven't already.

Be Involved with All Communities

If your diverse recruitment strategy only starts when a job is posted, then you're already too late. Instead, make an effort to get involved with a variety of communities. Places such as schools and cultural celebrations often seek sponsors and volunteers. Try to mix a variety of organizations in with your social responsibility program.

Host Events in Different Places

Does your company ever host networking or promotional events? If so, try to mix up the venues to support businesses representing different communities. Not only will it help you network with new people, but it also sends a great message.

Look into Different Groups and Organizations

There are many non-profit organizations dedicated to helping specific minority groups excel in their profession. Start working closely with these organizations and give them a heads-up on roles that open up in your company.

Create a Diverse Recruiting Team

If there's little diversity in your team at a recruitment fair or on the review panel in an interview, it immediately sends an impression that your organization has no diversity, even when that is not the case. Furthermore, more representation helps answer questions from minority groups and understand cultural differences that others may perceive as rude or weak.

Make It Part of Your Culture

Having a few stock photos of a diverse workforce might look good, but it will not go much further than that. First, photos only show visual diversity, such as race and gender, but diversity comes in many other forms. Next you need to ensure your workplace is welcoming of everybody and has programs set up to retain your diverse workforce.

Conduct regular audits and consider mentor programs that help people rise to the senior management level. As your culture becomes more diverse, the recruitment will happen naturally. Developing your diverse workforce is not going to happen overnight. It requires a company-wide commitment and you have to act on the plan created, rather than just stating that there is a plan. Once you become known as a place where everyone can work with equal opportunity, recruitment will become much easier.