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Never Do This on LinkedIn


Are you driving away recruiters and other valuable connections with a terrible LinkedIn profile? You probably wouldn’t know, unless you knew what makes a terrible LinkedIn profile. Once again, rather than scouring infographics and statistics, we went to the best resource we could find to learn first-hand what you should never do on LinkedIn. Here’s what Eagle’s Recruiters said when we asked them “What are your biggest turn-offs in a LinkedIn profile?”

Surprisingly (note the sarcasm), poor use of profile photos is a pet-peeve, as you may note from these turn-offs:

  • No picture or an unprofessional photo

  • Terrible profile picture

  • Ridiculous photo

  • Weird selfies

  • Bad LinkedIn photos: blurry, no smile, face covered, photo of children, multiple people in the photo, in costume, etc., unless any of it is relevant to that persons career.

    (editor’s note: we’re unsure what “in costume” references, but we’re just as curious as you are to see some examples of people who wear irrelevant costumes in their LinkedIn photo)

Disliked profiles also come with similar traits about quality of information:

  • Profiles with no details

  • Having no information

  • No descriptions

  • No dates

  • No details about the project (job title only)

  • Very little content

  • Profiles that have not been updated in years and ones that have barely any information or detail in them

Other  turn-offs include:

  • Bad grammar, spelling mistakes and inappropriate profile photo

  • Few connections

  • Using LinkedIn like Facebook

  • Inappropriate posts or pictures

  • Inappropriate comments on articles (yes, people can see those!)

  • Inflammatory comments or posts made by user

And of course, the same annoyances they see in resumes carry over to their dislikes in LinkedIn profiles:

  • Years instead of actual dates, and job titles without descriptions

  • Walls of text

  • Employers listed with no position details

  • Employment gaps

What profile features keep you from connecting with somebody on LinkedIn? Share your pet peeves below and together, maybe we can create a more enjoyable LinkedIn experience for everyone!