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Recruiters Reveal What Makes a Great LinkedIn Profile


You’ve read the advice over and over, especially on the Talent Development Centre — a great LinkedIn profile is important for networking, especially as an independent contractor. You’ve also seen all of the cliché tips scattered all over the internet telling you how to improve your profile.

Rather than just throw more of those same old facts at you, we decided to go one step further and sought advice directly from Eagle Recruiters. Here are some exact quotes from when we asked “What makes a great LinkedIn profile?”

Many recruiters think your LinkedIn profile should have similar qualities to your resume:

  • A complete profile that resembles their resume.

  • Lots of information. It should be just as informative as a resume.

  • Company, job title, summary of experience (including relevant technologies used), and results (where appropriate).

  • A complete, concise profile with dates, job titles, and companies clearly listed.

  • A brief description under each position is also helpful.

  • Succinct info that gives a clear indication of the individual’s skills and experience.

Others want to know you’re taking advantage of LinkedIn’s unique networking opportunities

  • Nice to see lots of connections and recommendations.

  • Recommendations are great if from other respected individuals.

  • It helps if they’re active on the network too.

  • Think key words recruiters are using for searches and add them to your profile.

Of course, the simple and professional details still matter:

  • Correct grammar, no spelling mistakes.

  • Professional profile picture.

  • Personality, especially in the summary. Keeping it professional, but add some personal flare.

  • One that is up to date and accurate.

What about you? What do you do with your LinkedIn profile to grab a recruiter’s attention?