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How You Can Use Industry Awards to Recruit Top Talent

How You Can Use Industry Awards to Recruit Top Talent

They come with hours of writing and require coordination across multiple people in your organization. At some point in the agonizing process, you say to yourself "Is this industry award worth all of this hassle?" If you're a manager of any sort, and recruiting star people for your team is a priority, then don't shut that application down just yet. Winning recognition from the right places provides more than a fancy logo to add to your letterhead or something to brag about in a proposal, it has a positive impact on your recruitment efforts and makes finding the right people much easier. The only challenge may be too many qualified resumes!

Recruiting Just Got Easier (and maybe even unnecessary)

Nobody likes a loser. Maybe that's too harsh, but it is safe to say that everybody wants to be a winner and play for the winning team. Especially during a recession, job seekers are looking for a place they can hang their hat and be confident they'll still have a job when hard times are over. In addition, many applicants want to know that their new place of work will provide opportunities for growth and, in many instances that requires the company to grow as well. Industry awards are a stamp of approval from a credible third party that confirms your organization is well-run and implementing plans for success. Those working for your competition may also see awards as a differentiator and be quicker to jump ship to work for you.

In a perfect world, you'll rarely need to recruit because your great employees will never leave -- awards bring you closer to that perfect world. When organizations win awards and celebrate with their team, it brings a positive aspect to the corporate culture. Employees get excited and proud of their workplace. They want to work harder for their employer and start to bring in other star employees from their own networks. Now your company will start performing even better, more awards will roll in, and the cycle continues.

Keep it Relevant

As with any business initiative, a specific strategy has to come into play. There are countless awards available that you can chase, but you'll want to do it strategically. Ask a few questions such as:

  • Is it truly winnable?

  • Does the organization providing the award brings credibility (if you have to pay to participate in the application, look extra carefully)?

  • What would having this award mean to your organization?

Award programs will be available that evaluate your organization's growth and sustainability, recognize your commitment to employees (including specific demographics), and highlight your initiatives in a specific functional area. Understand what is important to your organization and your employees and that will help you narrow the list and decide where to put your efforts.

It's Not a Secret

You'd be surprised at how many organizations win an award then hide it away like a dirty secret. Be proud of your accomplishments and ensure potential employees are aware. Use them in your job postings to highlight the organization's success and sell the organization and culture to anybody considering applying. Don't forget to add logos to your social media pages, stationery and signature blocks.

Industry awards can boost so many aspects of your business and as long as you evaluate them properly, they are absolutely worth the commitment from you and your team. Do you apply for any awards? Do you think awards you've won have helped in recruiting or employee retention?