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What Recruiters Love and Hate About Contractors

The Most Loved (and hated) Contractor Traits, According to Recruiters


At the start of the year, we surveyed Eagle's recruiters to find out how their favourite, top-of-mind candidates earn that special spot, and shared the results with you, as well as some data on the importance of having that status and how you can get into the bad books as well. Today, we want to share some quotes directly from Eagle's recruiters about both their favourite contractors and those that make them cringe.

Here's what recruiters said were the traits of their favourite candidates:

  • Treats me as respectfully as they would a potential client, as I endeavor to do the same.

  • Is focused on the type of role they're interested in finding - has worked in that sector before and is confident about sharing the results of previous projects/engagements they've successfully delivered.

  • Strong skill set specialized in one or two areas.

  • Professional, positive attitude, articulate, and honest.

  • Keeps in touch without being pushy.

  • Receptive when called by recruiter.

  • Like with anything, if the candidate puts the investment and makes the effort in maintaining the relationship and is honest with me, I do remember them.

  • Warm, personable, friendly, engaging.

  • Great communication skills, polite, knowledgeable.

  • Easy to get along with, cooperative, and has done a great job on a client site.

  • They are responsive and they work collaboratively with us to be successful.

And, the candidates who make them cringe have this in common...

  • An over-confident attitude can sometimes also come across as being arrogant - which would make me think twice before calling the candidate on a potential project.

  • When you review a candidate's new resume and then one of their old resumes and notice that dates and experiences have changed dramatically.

  • Slow response in getting back to you.

  • No focus to what they're best at/what they want to do. (If you don't know what you want, I can't find it for you).

  • Unable to speak in-depth about past projects/skills/results/experience. If you can't explain it to me, you cannot explain it to a potential employer.

  • Monopolizing an interview.

  • When a candidate thinks he/she is a fit for everything and anything on the job board ("I can learn on the job", "give me a few weeks to ramp up", "can we throw my name over to see what they say?")

  • Unrealistic negotiations or rate negotiation after receiving the offer.

  • Apathetic, no eye contact, and shabby dresser.

  • Strong odor.

Now it's your turn. What are your favourite and most hated traits of recruiters? How can they become your go-to person or how can their emails automatically be filtered to junk?