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Applying for IT Contracts in a Fast-Paced World

In today’s economy, as technology continues to improve efficiencies and speed up every company’s day-to-day business, the speed at which these organizations procure IT contract resources has never been faster.  This makes it critical for staffing agencies and independent contractors to adjust in order to survive the new pace of hiring. Here are 3 secrets for contractors that will help you get in front of more clients:

Understand the Deadlines

Most large organizations have deadlines for submittal in all of their programs.  This timeframe is usually 24-48 hours.  While we may want to debate how effective or ultimately valuable these deadlines are, they are here and likely here to stay.  What does this mean? When you are looking for your next assignment, it is imperative that you are available either by email or phone.  Often times the job closes early as the client has had enough submissions, and only the first qualified submissions through the door are considered — those that followed are not.  This means that the contractors who are responsive and ready are the ONLY ones considered for the job.

Build Relationships

When you have an existing relationship and strategy with a recruiter, these deadlines are much easier to meet. Make sure that the recruiters you work with know who you are.  The relationship and background work that has already been done is invaluable in decreasing the time it takes to submit you to a client. When working with recruiters that know you, make sure you know them as well.  By this I mean their clients and the roles they usually get.

Never Stop Updating Your Resume

Have your resume up-to-date at all times. As new skills or experience are gained, take the time to update your resume. If you are qualified for and apply to different positions, (example a Project Manager or a Business Analyst role) make sure you are ready to submit to both in a moment’s notice. It is also very important to highlight your skills and experience as it relates to the position.  The “must haves” in any job description must be highlighted regardless of time constraints. Finally save your resume to the cloud so you can access it an ANY time.

What have your experiences taught you about dealing with contracts that close quickly? Can you provide any advice? Do you have any other thoughts on the topic? Please share your opinions and questions below.