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Speaking Habits to Make You Sound Smarter

Have you ever been in a meeting — maybe with a client, project manager, development team, or recruiter — where you tried relentlessly to get your idea across but, no matter how many times you said it, they still weren’t buying into it? Even more frustrating, did you learn down-the-road that your solution would have been the best one for the project?

Independent contractors experience this all of the time.  This can leave you wondering why certain individuals or groups won’t take you seriously. Are they too arrogant to realize you’re right? Maybe. But it could also be that some flaws in your speaking habits are diminishing your confidence and, in return, how smart you appear.

Explore this theory by reviewing this infographic from WriteMyEssays. It suggests 8 speaking tips that will help you appear smarter. (You could also apply this advice to talking your way out of situations where you really don’t know anything about the subject, but we don’t recommend that!)

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