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How to Attract the Best Passive Candidates Using an HR-Managed Blog

Social media experts will tell you that blogs drive up search engine rankings, bring more traffic to a corporate website, and set companies apart as a subject matter expert in their industry. Many organizations have blogs managed by Marketing and take advantage of those benefits to generate new sales leads. By the same logic, then, couldn’t you have a blog managed by HR so you can drive new hiring leads? Absolutely!

With the right content, a blog focusing on your own organization and its roles, rather than your products, will increase the search engine optimization of your careers section and drive more passive candidates to your website. Not only that, it will act as a helpful resource for your recruiters as they’ll have some great content to point to when working with different candidates.

What kind of content does an HR-managed blog have?

A blog is a great opportunity to brag about your company, but too much self-promotion is an easy way to quickly turn off your readers. These topics may interest any job applicant:

  • Unofficial information/tips about being successful in certain job postings (it will also help you screen out which candidates really did their research)

  • Stories of individuals in the company and how they’ve grown

  • Stories of places where your organization has contributed in the community

  • Tips and inside information on your hiring process and what to expect in an interview with your company

That all sounds great, but starting and managing a blog is a lot of effort!

A blog does take effort and does need to be regularly managed in order to be successful, but it doesn’t have to be an overbearing task. For example:

  • If your company already has a blog, perhaps you can contribute to it, rather than starting a new one.

  • You don’t need an abundance of content. If you try to just post once a week, or maybe every 2 weeks, you’re doing just fine – the key is to post on a regular/predictable schedule.

  • Ask different people within the organization to contribute so the effort becomes shared by many.

  • Create a content plan early on, deciding on schedule, topics and authors. Once you have the plan, staying on top of it becomes much easier.

Once you get started, your final step will be ensuring that the right people are seeing it. Share your posts on social media, specifically those networks where your preferred candidates hang out, and use tools such as Google Analytics (your web team can help you out there) to track which topics are getting the most attention.

Does your recruiting or HR division manage a blog? What topics or management techniques do you use? Please share your advice with our readers in the comments below.