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These Buzz Words Need to Stop Appearing in Resumes

Recruiters are Tired of Seeing These Common Terms and Phrases


A few months ago, Frances McCart wrote a post explaining how you may be hurting yourself by using too many buzzwords in your resume or in interviews. She argues that in the same way somebody's credibility in the office may diminish when they over-use jargon, your resume could lose attention if it's packed with buzzwords that recruiters see every day. The obvious question that comes next, then, is what are those buzzwords?

To help answer the question, we went out to Eagle's recruitment team and asked them to list the buzzwords that they're sick of seeing in IT contractor resumes. While some people said they really don't mind buzzwords, others noted that they hate these words and phrases:

  • Energetic Self-Starter

  • Guru

  • Results-Oriented

  • Collaborated with SMEs

  • Works Well Under Pressure

  • Team Player

  • Synergy

  • "I can do anything"

  • Dynamic

  • High Performer

  • Well-Seasoned

An interesting observation is that all of these buzzwords, similar to any other clichés you hear in an office, are very vague and generic. Instead, recruiters like quantifiable examples that allow them to truly understand your experience.

Although these results are based on an internal Eagle survey, we’re going to go out on a limb and assume that recruiters from other recruitment agencies will all agree with the above. With that in mind, then, which buzzwords and phrases are you sick of hearing from recruiters?