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Dumb Down Tech Speak to Even the Simplest Minds

The Infographic That Will Save Every IT Contractor Time and Patience

We shared a post from Freshbooks last week that decoded web development jargon, specifically Agile Scrums, Kanban and Waterfalls. The post argued that independent contractors in web development often deal with clients and personnel who aren't in the field, so knowing how to explain certain terms is crucial.

The same holds true in all of IT jargon, not just web development. Independent contractors often deal with non-technical people and trying to explain terms to them can be torturous. You constantly have to repeat yourself, and even then the explanations don't seem to get through. The result is a lot of wasted time and possibly a huge test on your patience.

Thankfully, we found this infographic from Geist. It provides basic tech terms in Tech Speak, Layman's Terms and explanations so simple your mom could understand. Our advice for independent contractors is to forward this on to those non-technical people, rather than engage in time-consuming discussions.

Tech Speak Decoded

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