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Recruit More Employees with This Unique Perk

Work/life balance is not a new term for hiring managers and a major consideration for almost every job seeker. For parents, it's often the ease of maintaining a successful career while taking care of their family that makes an employer attractive. As such, companies use a number of perks and programs to promote this benefit, from flexible hours to work-from-home opportunities to daycare assistance.

As you try to think of unique perks to attract the best talent, don't rule out the importance of "fur babies" to many of the people submitting job applications to your company. Specifically, consider a "Pet-Friendly Workplace" that allows employees to bring their animals along for the day. The benefits of such an idea extend beyond a perk that attracts more candidates, as can be seen in this infrographic from Petco.

Benefits of a pet-friendly workplace Infographic by Petco