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The Important Decision for New IT Professionals

As we learned from a recent Contractor Quick Poll, before becoming an independent contractor, almost all technology professionals start in a full-time role. At the earlier stages of that full-time job and their career in general, new techies often have to make the decision as to which IT job they want to have.

Very often, college and university programs provide a broad range of technology knowledge and a graduate leaves with a wide array of basic skills. From there, it's up to the new professional to decide what they want to do with those skills and mold the rest of their career. As the infographic below from Computer Science Zone points out, there are many options including Software Developer/Computer Programmer, Database Administrator, Hardware Engineer, Systems Analyst, Network Architect, Web Developer, Information Security Analyst, Systems Manager or IT Support.

If you're new in the tech world and exploring where to take your career, have a look at the information below and see if any of these roles click for you. If you're an experienced IT professional, do you have any further suggestions for a new comer?