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Add Graphics When Sharing Job Postings

Every savvy recruiter and manager knows that sharing a link to your job posting — whether it’s to your own career site or an external job board — is a helpful technique in getting the word out to potential candidates. And that’s the problem: EVERYBODY is doing it. What they’re not all doing, is adding some visual elements to those posts.

Time and again, social media experts have proven that posts containing images are exponentially more likely to gain click-throughs. In general, the right image will grab a user’s attention before they even look at the title. Specific to job postings, images show that you’re more than just another employer posting a boring job opportunity. You’ve put thought into what you’re doing and added an element of personality into your job ad.

How do I add images to social media posts?

Each social network has its unique quirks so will require you to share your job description in a different way. Let’s focus on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, as these are three of the top networks to share jobs (but don’t underestimate the power of other networks like Instagram and Pinterest either).

Sharing Job Postings with Images on LinkedIn

Not to be confused with purchasing a job posting to advertise your opportunity on LinkedIn, sharing your job with your network is completely free and easy. You simply need to hit the “Share an update” button and paste in the link to your job posting.  Often, once you’ve pasted in that link, LinkedIn will automatically generate a preview of your page, using metadata (code in the background), which may include an image.  This image may help grab attention, assuming it’s relevant to your job, but there’s a better way to get the image in. You’ll notice that in the top-right corner of your post is a small icon that looks like mountains and a sun. By clicking this, it will allow you to upload your own photo for your post. Choosing this option will give you more control over the image shared and makes it more visible to the reader.

Sharing Job Postings with Images on Facebook

Facebook is a very similar process to posting on LinkedIn. When you paste a link to the job board, it will automatically create a description with an image. You can choose which image you prefer, or upload your own. Alternatively, you can also upload an image first, making the image the “star” of your post, and leave a link to your job posting in the description. For both Facebook and LinkedIn, you may choose to share your job on your personal profile, your company page, or both.

Sharing Job Postings with Images on Twitter

Twitter is a bit of a different beast. When you sharing an image on Twitter, rather than embedding the image into the Tweet, Twitter uploads the image and then embeds a link to where that image can be viewed. The link, often referred to as a “media attachment” is then added to the Tweet. Fortunately, to upload an image, the process isn’t very different from LinkedIn or Facebook, except Twitter won’t generate a preview. Again, just paste in your information and hit the icon to upload an image.

As you’re well aware, there is a 140 character limit in what you can share, which includes links to other sites and media attachments. For links to your job board, try using tools such as Hootsuite or Bitly which will truncate your URL for your tweet. For media attachments, the link is already truncated. The good news is that Twitter recently announced some changes will happen very soon, and media attachments will no longer count for that 140 characters.

There’s a quick look at why it’s important to include images when sharing job postings on social media, and a few quick tips on how to do it on the main social networks. Stay tuned to this blog where we’ll give you some advice on what types of images you may want to share, and the easiest way to get those images in future posts.