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Common Spelling Mistakes in IT Contractor Resumes


Is your resume riddled with spelling errors? What if it is and you don’t even know it?

Basic spelling and grammar mistakes on a resume can have more drastic effects on your contracting career than you may realize. Even if a recruiter doesn’t directly hold it against you, they may subconsciously see you as unprofessional or non-detailed. And should you get past the recruiter’s radar, there’s always the client, or the hundreds of people who will see your resume if it’s publicly available in places like LinkedIn, Monster or Indeed.

To help provide advice in resume-writing, we asked Eagle’s recruiters about spelling mistakes they commonly see in independent contractors’ resumes. All of them agreed that they see plenty every day, so we went a step further to learn about the most common types of mistakes and misspelled words. Have a look at the list below, then review your resume to make sure it’s not another statistic.

There are some common types of mistakes…

  • Company Names

  • Technical words

  • Inconsistent spelling

    • .NET vs .Net

    • Sharepoint vs SharePoint

    • Javascript vs JavaScript

  • The wrong word

    • There vs their vs they’re

    • Its vs it’s

    • To vs too vs two

    • Led vs lead

And some specific words…

  • Implementation (Implamentation)

  • Business (Buisness)

  • Definitely (Definately)

  • Separate(Seperate)

  • Commitment (Committment)

  • College (Collage)

  • Liaison (Liaeson)

Do you recognize any of the above words in your resume or LinkedIn profile? What are other common mistakes you know of that aren’t on this list?