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Every Independent Contractor Can Be More Productive

Clients love productive contractors. It means they get IT projects done faster, save money, and look good in front of their peers.

When a client loves you, that means you will get more work. If not with that client, then the glowing feedback received by the recruiter will ensure that recruitment agency keeps sending gigs your way.

More gigs mean a steady flow of income and less stress.

When you do the math (productive contractor = happy client = more work = more money), being productive is a pretty awesome thing for an independent contractor.

If you’ve set some goals to be more productive but it isn’t happening, here are 5 things you should be doing to have an insanely productive week. This not only provides some advice on how to get more done in a day, but it also touches on some common habits that you may think are helping, but are actually wasting time:

  1. Stop Planning and Start Doing

  2. Don’t Say Yes to Every Request

  3. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

  4. Get Everything Out of Your Head

  5. Review and Measure Your Accomplishments