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Have You Considered a Career in Programming?

Back-to-School Means Career Planning

It's back-to-school time! For parents across Canada, there is no sweeter combination of words. For students, it can mean the onset of stress after a couple months of relaxation. In addition to the regular stress of schoolwork, senior high school students start thinking about what they're going to do after graduation and which career path to take. For some college and university students, the school year starts with added stress as they realize the path they did select is completely wrong for them.

If you're currently evaluating career paths, either for yourself or helping somebody else, have you added programming to the mix? For those with limited technology experience, what it means to be "programming" isn't always clear. One thing is for sure, programming is more than sitting in front of a computer and geeking out all day, and this infographic from CarlCheo proves it. Feel free to share it with anybody you know who's planning their future career.