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How to Create Images for your Job Postings on Social Media

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of adding an image when sharing job postings on social networks, as well as a few tips for sharing them on networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. That sounds great, but for many recruiters and managers, it may raise the question "Where do I get images to share on social media?" Once again, Virtual Recruiter is here to help!

What kinds of images can you share with your job postings?

It's really limitless. If you can think of something visual that would grab your job seeker's attention and represent your employer brand, then throw it up there! Here are a few ideas to get your mind working:

  • Just the Title. Sure the title may be in the post, but adding ".NET Developer - Apply Today" in large colour letters will make a job seeker see you before your competitor's identical LinkedIn post.

  • Any other stat, quote or statement. All you need to do is make somebody look at your link. Your image can be somewhat irrelevant to the job posting, as long as it will make your target audience look twice.

  • Memes. Memes are those witty images you see with white writing that get shared (sometimes overshared) across every social network you'll ever be on. They also go viral. Wouldn't it be cool if your job posting went viral?

  • GIFs. Social networks have only recently started supporting GIFs as much as they do now. There are ways to create your own, but even easier is to find a website that provides GIFs for free.

How can you create images to share with your job postings?

First, there's no need to create them. There are plenty already available for you to share, you just need to look. You can share one that you already see on a social network (remember to give credit), or look through a free database, like Google Images. Use search terms related to job hunting, your industry, or the specific skill. For example, "funny developer meme" or "job search quotes." If you use Google Images, remember to click "Search Tools" and under "Usage Rights" select "Labeled for Reuse." Here are a few suggestions if you'd like to create your own images related to the unique job posting:

  • Talk to Marketing. If your company has a Marketing Department, then they may have access to software that makes creating graphics a cinch.

  • PowerPoint. Yes, PowerPoint is for more than just presentations! Start with a blank slide and use some of the built-in formatting. Then add your words, maybe some clip art and you're done! Go to File, Save As, and change the file type to jpeg.

  • Canva. Finally, there's this tool that will turn anybody into an expert graphic designer. Canva is a free resource that helps you create graphics very easily. It also has templates and sizing already optimized for the social network to which you want to share your job.

Are you adding images when sharing your job postings on social media? Do you plan to start? What ideas can you share with your readers?