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Attract Recruiters with Variety in Your Resume

Every recruiter has already read your resume, over and over. It may not list the same work experience or skills that you have, but it looks identical to what you submit to every employment agency and potential client. Why? Clichés, buzz words, and a lack of variety.

To be clear, when we recommend more variety, we’re not suggesting you intentionally diversify your client list, go to clown school to add a unique skill, or, worse, make up experience to seem more exciting. Sometimes, all you need for variety is an extended vocabulary.

If you forgot to pick up your word-a-day desk calendar this year, then save time and review this infographic from KickResume. It suggests a plethora of words you can use in your resume. (Also, ignore the sub-titles, all of these words can be relevant to an IT contractor’s resume.)