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Hard Work and Success ... the Link!

Hard work quote by edison

We know that successful people work hard.

We also know that lots of people work hard and are not particularly successful.

It is probably fair to say that lots of people think they work hard and struggle to understand why they are not successful.

It is probably also fair to say that a very few people don’t work very hard at all, but they are successful.

So … what is going on?

Here are just a few truths …

  1.  Life is not fair … get over it.

  2. There are things you can control and things you can’t control … you CAN control your work ethic.

  3. If you are working hard and not getting where you want to go, then something has to change … but it should not be your work ethic, unless you just think you are working hard!

  4. Most successful people also work smart!

  5. There are very few free lunches!

What could you think about?

  1.  Perhaps you are working hard, but on the wrong things?

  2.  Perhaps you are not working as hard as you could be?

  3.  Perhaps you are in the wrong job?

  4.  Can you emulate someone who is successful in your profession?

  5.  Maybe it is just a matter of time?

Work quote maya angelou

Some thoughts on work ethic …

  1.  How many productive hours are you working?

  2.  How much time do you waste in a day?  Personal stuff, non-productive tasks or distractions.

  3.  Do you consider being available through email/smartphone as working hard?

  4.  Productivity should be your goal … whatever that takes.

  5.  You should work hard for yourself, not for anyone else.

  6.  Don’t kid yourself about your work ethic.

Don’t expect success if you are not willing to do the work.

Doing the work does not guarantee success.

Not doing the work all but guarantees you won’t be successful.

Not everyone is focused on career success.  Many people just want to earn a living and in that case, all that is required is to do is a fair day’s work to earn an income.  Of course it is still called work, and if you have to do it then why not do it well?