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How to Deal with Smelly Employees (Video)

Management training covers a wide range of topics -- leadership, motivation, delegation, discipline, conflict resolution, the list goes on. What isn't always covered, though, is how to deal with Stinky Sally in sales or Smelly Stanley in accounting.

Almost every office has at least one person who makes their co-workers' noses cringe at the thought of having to sit next to them in a meeting. As frustrating as this can be for an office, it can also be a very sensitive issue for the culprit and needs to be tackled by their manager before jokes get out of control or relationships get harmed.

If you're a manager and find yourself in that situation, or if you'd like to prepare in case you ever do find yourself in this situation, then this video from Russell HR Consulting will help you. It provides some great tips for any leader who needs to have the discussion of scent (strong body odour or excessive perfume/cologne) with a subordinate.