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Finish the Year Strong!


For many salespeople December means slowing down, stopping pushing for sales and waiting for the New Year.  Some clients are winding down for the holidays.  Some are putting decisions off to the New Year.  The salespeople have a lot of personal things to get done, and might use this time to catch up on some paperwork.

If that is how you feel then you are in the majority of sales people … BUT the top performers, perhaps even your competition, are pressing right through to the final hour before the holidays.

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.” Winston Churchill

Ten Thoughts …

  1.  Just because some of your clients are slowing down, it does not mean that they all are.

  2. Some clients use this “slower period” to get decisions made.

  3. This can be the best time of the year to get meetings with clients who are typically difficult to meet.

  4. If you are reliant upon just a few key contacts then now would be a great time to meet new prospects.

  5. Dropping off cards and small gifts (where allowed especially during the pandemic) is a great way to get in the door.

  6. If all of your client conversations are about asking for business this time of year can be an opportunity to have different conversations.

  7. If you slow down now it will affect your new year sales … plant seeds now for the new year.

  8. There is less competition “out there” as we head into the holidays, because others are slowing down … take advantage of that!

  9. If you slow down and your competition doesn’t, then you might be losing business.

  10. Sales is all about momentum … if you lose momentum now, then re-establishing momentum in the New Year will be so much tougher.

  11. Bonus thought … in the current situation creativity is your friend.  Everyone is tired of the pandemic, a laugh, a smile, a positive experience are all going to enhance your relationship!

Don’t fall into the trap … keep pushing right till the very end.

In life, as in running, don’t stop with time on the clock!