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Top Posts of 2016


As quickly as they arrived, the holidays are already starting to come to an end. Similarly, there are only a few days left of 2016 -- a year that flew by! Naturally, as time goes by quickly it's easy to miss a lot, including great content on your favourite blogs like the Talent Development Centre.

We're all about helping you out, so starting today and over the next few days, we're once again featuring our year in review series. Throughout it, we'll showcase the top posts in some specific topics. To get things started, here's an overall look at the 10 most popular posts over the past year:

  1. The Ontario Government Mandate That Will Affect Independent Contractors across Canada

  2. Do Your Part to Have a Successful Job Interview (Infographic)

  3. 5 Rate Negotiation Mistakes Independent Contractors Sometimes Make

  4. Update: The CRA, PSBs and Independent Contractors

  5. Calgary Job Market Outlook: The New Normal

  6. How to Create a Personal Logo That Makes Your Friends Jealous (Infographic)

  7. 7 Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter (Infographic)

  8. 5 Minute Resume Tricks That Can Land the Job You Want (Infographic)

  9. 3 Secrets to Applying for IT Contracts in a Fast-Paced World

  10. LinkedIn - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet (Infographic)