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Employee Referral Programs (Video)

Word-of-mouth may be the most reliable marketing tool in selling. People are much more likely to trust their friends, or even strangers, when it comes to making a purchase, than they are to trust the company selling the product. Just look at review websites like Google and Yelp. Even job seekers turn to online forums such as Glassdoor to learn about a company before deciding to accept a job.

First-hand experiences and referrals play a strong role in the consumer world and they can play an equally strong role in the hiring world. We're not recommending a forum where employers can rate past employees and leave references for future hiring mangers (as attractive as that may sound), but instead, building out your employee referral program and reaping the benefits of first-hand knowledge.

If your referral program doesn't get much attention, then this video from HR360Inc is for you and your team. It outlines the benefits of referral programs and why they're more important today than ever.