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The Top Jobs, Tech Skills and Programming Languages

A Summary of the Most Popular Lists Featuring 2017's Hottest Jobs


Along with ambitious resolutions destined to fail, every New Year promises Top 10 lists published by every blog and media outlet, summarizing the top trends of the previous year and predicting new ones to come (we're guilty of this ourselves... and have no shame about it either).

One such topic you may have seen is the hottest jobs, tech skills and programming languages. In case you haven't been able to keep up, we compiled the lists from the industry leaders. Many are based in the United States; however, in our experience, in many industries (especially IT), employment and tech trends carry over to Canada as well.

As you scroll through the lists, you'll notice one recurring factor -- information technology is as hot in 2017 as its been for the past many years. Even in the generic employment lists, IT is in significant demand across all industries.

Fastest-Growing Skills, Q4 2016 (Upwork)

Upwork, arguably the world's largest freelancing website, releases a quarterly list of the fastest growing tech skills. These were the fastest growing skills at the end of Q4 2016:

  1. Natural language processing

  2. Swift

  3. Tableau

  4. Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS)

  5. Stripe

  6. Instagram marketing

  7. MySQL programming

  8. Unbounce

  9. Social media management

  10. AngularJS

Toughest Jobs to Fill (CareerCast)

CareerCast published this list of the most in-demand positions that recruiters and hiring managers have the hardest time filling:

  1. Data scientist

  2. Financial advisor

  3. General and operations manager

  4. Home health aide

  5. Information security analyst

  6. Medical services manager

  7. Physical therapist

  8. Registered nurse

  9. Software engineer

  10. Truck driver

Technical Skills with The Biggest Increases In Demand (Forbes)

Early in 2017, Forbes revealed this list, ranking the top technical skills based on how often they appeared in job descriptions.

  1. Big Data

  2. js

  3. Tableau

  4. NoSQL

  5. Apache Hadoop

  6. HTML5

  7. Python

  8. Oracle

  9. JSON

  10. Salesforce CRM

10 Programming Languages Every Developer Should Learn (Social Hire)

Here's SocialHire's list of what they believe are the "cr竪me de la cr竪me of programming languages":

  1. Java

  2. JavaScript

  3. C#

  4. Python

  5. Swift

  6. Rust

  7. Dart

  8. PHP

  9. Scala

  10. HTML5

Best Jobs in America (Glassdoor)

Glassdoor regularly ranks jobs based on number of job openings, salary and overall job satisfaction rating. These are their results for the United States in 2017:

  1. Data Scientist

  2. DevOps Engineer

  3. Data Engineer

  4. Tax Manager

  5. Analytics Manager

  6. HR Manager

  7. Database Administrator

  8. Strategy Manager

  9. UX Designer

  10. Solutions Architect

Most Promising Jobs of 2017 (LinkedIn)

As the world's leading professional social network, LinkedIn may be the resource most connected to job seekers and employers alike. This is what they predict will be the most promising jobs this year:

  1. Hospitalist

  2. Pharmacist

  3. Sales Engineer

  4. Site Reliability Engineer

  5. Product Manager

  6. Financial Analyst

  7. Technical Program Manager

  8. Program Manager

  9. Data Engineer

  10. Scrum Master

Best Jobs in America (CNN/PayScale)

CNN and PayScale also created a list of the top careers, that they say have the biggest growth, best pay and most satisfying work. Here are the first 10 from their list of 100 careers:

  1. Mobile Applications Developer

  2. Risk Management Director

  3. Landman

  4. Product Analyst

  5. Information Assurance Analyst

  6. Quality Assurance Coordinator (RN)

  7. Clinical Applications Specialist

  8. Hospital Administrator

  9. Database Analyst

  10. Finance & Administration Director