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True Geeks Will Love this Motivational Infographic

Are you one of those people who base their entire life off of advice given in Star Wars, Disney Movies or your favourite childhood cartoons? There's nothing to be ashamed of. Classic books, movies and television became the classics they are because of unforgettable, intelligent writing. As a result, many people recite motivational quotes from their favourite characters... even if it is a little geeky.

To prove that you're not alone, we found this infographic from that compiles 30 different motivational quotes from some of the most influential fictional teachers and mentors. Everybody from Yoda to Mary Poppins, Master Splinter and even Boy Meets World's Mr. Feeny are included in this throwback graphic. At least one of these quotes will connect with you and make your day. Can you find your favourite?

Alphabet of Nostalgia: 90s Edition - - Infographic